TOP 5 Classes From All Florida 

Now that Summer is here, we have a little more time to relax, do hobbies or learn something new. Taking a course to gain a new skill is always an exciting challenge that takes us out of our daily routine.  Maybe you are planning to become a security officer, or you just bought your first firearm, and you have no idea how to use it, or you have been postponing CPR Course since your New Year Resolutions; well, you have come to the right place! All Florida Security offers the best classes for you! Ranging from security licenses courses to firearms and first aid, All Florida Security will teach you all the skills you need to protect your life and others!   


Here is a list of our top 5 most popular classes for firearm lovers, future or current security officers, and anyone who wants to learn something new!   


  • Unarmed Security D-License Course

Leading #1 as the most popular class, our Unarmed Security D-License Course always gets sold out within a month in advance! This class is perfect for those who want to try a new career as a security officer or those with law enforcement or military background that want to try something calmer and less stressful. This state-required 42-hour course provides you with an overflow of information from the simple job duties and requirements to working with special needs individuals, managing emergencies and threats, and the use of force hierarchy!! Our class incorporates scenario training, hands-on training practical exercises with numerous security tools-of-the-trade, and first aid/CPR/AED training. You will positively learn and be equipped on how to be a top-notch security officer on your very first security detail! Upon completion, a student may also add to their resume by completing the handcuff and pepper spray class for additional certifications. 


  • Armed Security G-License Course  

If you are ready for the next level to become the best security officer you could be, and you currently have your Unarmed D-License, then obtaining your Armed Security G-License Course is perfect for you! Being an armed guard is a lot of responsibility, and it is important to have quality training! Our armed course is all about firearm laws, safety, handling, operations, mechanical training, marksmanship, and how to protect innocent unarmed civilians.    

This state-required 28-hour course will provide you with the basic knowledge and proficiency skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun (revolver or semiautomatic pistol). The fact that your instructor has nearly 30 years of training and experience along with his State of Florida Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor’s License will reassure you that you’ve made a great decision to take this course! Along with extensive educational material on firearms safety and the mechanical operation of firearms, this course also includes material on various legal aspects of firearms ownership, possession, and use. This education will consist of classroom, tactical drills, and range training. Upon completion of this course, one may also gain an additional certificate for a 4-hour shotgun and or rifle training add-on as well. 


  • Concealed Carry Permit Course  

Our Concealed Carry Course is the perfect class for new and existing gun owners that want to carry a concealed firearm with clarity and confidence. Even if you do not own a gun or lack shooting experience, like myself, you do not need to worry. This class will teach you all the laws and safety measures of carrying a firearm; by the end of the course, you will desire to buy a new gun; which you can from us as well! The range safety component of the class is designed to allow you to experience safe firearm handling in a shooting range environment. During your course, you will be provided with instructions on handling, grip, stance, breathing, trigger, sight alignment, and much more. To obtain s a concealed carry permit, every applicant must complete their state qualifications by shooting a real firearm in front of their instructor. You may use your firearm or the class firearms to qualify with live-fire 9mm ammunition.    


  • Annual Handgun Requalification Course (G-Requal)  

If you are already an Armed Security Officer, your annual G-Requal is a must to keep your license current with the State!!! For you to remain eligible to continue to carry a Class “G” license, you must complete 4 hours of range and classroom training taught by a Class “K” Firearms Instructor, in our case, Chief Richard Stein! If your job duties require you to carry a firearm of a type and caliber different from or in addition to the firearm upon which you qualified, you must take a 4-hour training class specific to that firearm type and caliber. This 4-hour course may be taken to satisfy a Class “G” licensee’s 4-hour annual requalification training or as a transition course to a different type or caliber of handgun. Do not lose out on your employment because you forgot about your annual requal! Call us if you have more questions or need to check on the status of compliance of your Armed Guard License. 


  • First Aid Course  

Last but definitely not least, our First Aid Course is a class perfect for anyone who wants to help others, save a life, or starting a babysitting hobby or career. With your Red Cross Training Course, you will learn First Aid/AED/CPR to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies, physical injuries, and Sudden illnesses like Diabetic and Asthma emergencies, Fainting & Seizures, allergic reactions, poisoning, bites & stings. In this course, you will be required to perform practical exercises on the adult (and pediatric) mannequins along with the training AED machines. You will also be taught to recognize these and many other signs of potential life-threating concerns before they become more serious. Your First Aid certifications will be good for a two-year period of time; of which, renewing with is gives you a $10 discount. YOU can make a difference in saving a life when every second count; and that, is priceless!!!   


Thank you for reading until the end!!! DID YOU FIND THE PERFECT CLASS FOR YOU? Comment down below if you did and what did you choose. Please share with us your class experience if you took one already! If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues! It will help us a lot! Don’t forget to check our main site, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get the latest news, class schedules, events, services, and products from All FLORIDA!