Annual 'G' Requal

A security officer taking his gun out of the holster.


  1. Firearm Training; Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle
  2. Handcuff Classes
  3. Pepper Spray Classes
  4. Expandable Baton Classes
  5. Electronic Devices Classes
  6. First Aid Certification
All Florida Security Services


Qualify One or Multiple Firearms at the same time!


In order to remain eligible to continue to carry a Class “G” license, during each 12-month period of the two-year term of a Class “G” license, including the first 12-month period after the license was initially issued to the license holder, a Class “G” licensee must successfully complete 4 hours of range and classroom training taught by a Class “K” firearms instructor.

Additionally, a Class “G” licensee whose job duties require him or her to carry a firearm of a type and caliber different from or in addition to the firearm upon which he or she is qualified, must take a 4-hour training class specific to that firearm type and caliber. This 4-hour course may be taken to satisfy a Class “G” licensee’s 4-hour annual requalification training or as a transition course to a different type or caliber of handgun.

Note: In addition to completing the annual requalification training required to remain eligible for a Class “G” license, a licensee who has also qualified to carry other types and calibers of approved firearms must complete annual requalifying training for each type and caliber of firearm he or she carries while performing regulated activities.


Upon the completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate the following skills and techniques:


  • Identify updates in law applicable to Class “G” licensure
  • Re-familiarize yourself with use of force parameters
  • Re-familiarize with use of cover and the difference between cover and concealment
  • Safe weapon handling
  • Identification of weapons parts and ammunition
  • Weapon cleaning and maintenance
  • Handgun drawing and holstering
  • Weapon loading and unloading
  • Basic shooting principles
  • Proficiency with a firearm by shooting a qualifying score with a handgun (revolver or semiautomatic pistol)
  • Proficiency for weapon handling
  • Proper intervention for weapon malfunctions


Firearms & Accessories

  • Firearms
  • Various gauged ammo FMJ & Hollow Point
  • Safety earmuffs & eyeglasses
  • Handgun cleaning kits & pads
  • Pistol safes and cable locks
  • Personal Technique Training Packages
  • Beginner’s Handgun Classes
  • NRA Pistol Books, Home Safety Books, and Children’s gun safety workbooks & DVD!
  1. You must be have an active Class-G license
  2. You must be over 21 years old (brought up from 18)
  3. Must have your own firearm(s)
  4. Must have three (3) boxes of ammunition
  5. Revolvers require speed loaders
  6. Bring duty belt and holster to class
  • Serving our community since 1998
  • Office headquartered in Port St. Lucie, FL
  • FL State Licensed Security Guard Agency B1200299
  • Security Guard Manager – M1800042
  • Unarmed Security Guard ‘DS’ School – DS1800091
  • Unarmed Security Guard ‘DI’ Instructor – DI1800193
  • Statewide Firearm ‘K’ Instructor – K1800070
  • NRA Private Security Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Instructor
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • Law enforcement trained and certified K-9 handler 18+ years
  • Each instructor has several decades of LEO field experience

“I took the D & G license classes with Richard who is an awesome instructor. The Class was full of information and hands on training. I would highly recommend taking Richards Courses for security professionals. ????”

Bruce M.

“Richard is highly experienced in the security field and it shows. His teaching method is down to earth and easy to apply. His practical-tactical teaching approach makes his lessons very engaging and unintimidating. I highly recommend his classes to any future security officers!

Brian P.

“Richard Stein is an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable, and great guy. I would highly recommend anybody to his school and classes. I will be a repeat student in the future.”

Steve N.

Another Year Gone By So Fast!

It’s best to take your G-Requal Class a minimum of 30 days before your expiration date.