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Beginner Handgun Class


    Are you ready to learn how to use your new handgun?

The MOST IMPORTANT thing about firearms is recognizing that they are a deadly weapon and should be handled with the utmost of responsibility and attention!! We say this not to frighten you but to heighten your senses to this reality. The keys to your safety and the safety of others are good education, quality training, and practice, LOTS OF PRACTICE!

So, today is the day you are considering to take your education and training about firearms to the next level. We applaud you! This beginners class is specifically designed for you; the brand new firearm owner or the individual that is dusting off their pistol after being stowed away for way too long. This class is designed as a hands-on instructional forum with personal attention of pistol training and range shooting with your instructor. You do not have to look at this as a one time class. For some, they gain immediately comfortability  with their firearm and for others it requires repeated instruction and time practicing to develop the comfort level with the feel, the sounds, and the power of a pistol. Chief Richard Stein, who is an NRA Law Enforcement & Chief Range Safety Instructor, is known for his great amounts of peaceful and patient instruction. His many five star reviews confirm it and we look forward to you being our next one! All the details of this class are listed in yellow below.



will consist of 4 hours of classroom instruction

and shooting range training.


Firearm training is for EVERYONE! 

From beginner to advanced, it is highly recommended to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Remember, firearm proficiency is a perishable skill and it is important to remain consistent with training to improve your technique. You need to know confidently, that if you ever have to pull out your firearm in self-defense; #1 YOU CAN, #2 It’s going to be a bad day for a bad guy, and #3 Your bullet will NOT accidentally hit an innocent bystander!


  • How to disassemble and reassemble your firearm
  • How to clean and properly maintain your firearm
  • How to store and conceal your firearm
  • Loading your magazine cartridges
  • How to safely shoot your firearm
  • Pistol shooting activities and skills development
  • Clearing common pistol stoppages
  • You WILL confirm if your pistol is right for you!!


  • Pistol safety and pistol storage
  • Pistol parts and how they work
  • Ammunition fundamentals
  • Reinforce fundamentals of shooting; grip, trigger, stance, sights
  • Range environment, etiquette, and safety commands
  • Range shooting of up to 50 rounds with your firearm
  • All the Questions & Answers you can stand!!



For Instructional Classes, Professional Training,

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Firearms & Accessories

Firearms; Handguns & Long guns

9MM range ammo

9MM Hollow Points

Grind Hard XD-Xtreme Defense 9MM Ammo

380 ACP ammo

380 ACP Hollow Points

40 & 45 Cal. Hollow Points

22 LR Ammo

12 gauge, #8 Ammo

Safety earmuffs & eyeglasses

Handgun cleaning kits & pads

Pistol safes and cable locks

Personal Technique Training Packages 1.5 hrs, 3 hrs, 8 hrs

Beginner’s Handgun Classes

NRA Pistol Books, Home Safety Books, and Children’s gun safety workbooks & DVD!

380 range ammo @ $23 / 50 rounds

9MM range ammo @ $20 / 50 rounds

Grind Hard XD-Xtreme Defense 9MM Ammo $34 / 20 rounds

Handgun cleaning kits $10

Personal Technique Training packages are available

Concealed Permit Classes $55

Gift Certificates are available

  • We have two (2) locations for classes; primarily at our office off US1 North of Prima Vista Blvd and periodically at the St. Lucie Shooting Center in St. Lucie West.
  • You DO require a firearm for this class
  • You DO require the owners manual or a printed copy from the handguns manufacturer
  • You DO require 50 rounds of ammunition for your firearm
  • You DO require a firearm cleaning kit
  • Your preference: a pair of latex gloves for cleaning firearms and your safety eyewear and earmuffs for range training
  • You DO NOT have to shoot all 50 rounds. Shoot to your level of comfort and stop.
  • NRA Private Security Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Instructor
  • Statewide Firearm Instructor K-1800070

After a lot of debate about getting my concealed carry permit, I finally pulled the trigger (hahaha). I made the decision and started asking around, and was recommended to Richard at All Florida. My best friend, her son, my other half, and I took the course together, and due to the health conditions in our families/coronavirus concerns we had a private course. Not only was there a lot of information presented (which can be overwhelming for some – I like to say we are a decently smart bunch) but it was presented in a manner that was easy to follow and very easy to understand. Richard made sure to answer all of our questions and concerns in class, and made sure to correct any form errors we had with our grip. Very knowledgeable, incredibly professional, and he dealt with our antics very well.

Elizabeth B.

Concealed Class

I recently had an excellent experience taking the Conceal Carry class. It was very informative, especially gaining a better understanding of the laws. I also discovered that I no longer like my revolver and will be trading it in so that was another huge benefit!

Jennifer B.

Concealed Class

Great class!!! Great instructor!!! I highly recommend attending. From the moment you walk in you are welcomed in. Great class atmosphere!!! I look forward in taking another course with them. Thank you All Florida for the great experience!!!!! l

Jorge N.

Rifle Class

Best company in the industry all services one place really good training thanks to the Stein family.

Wilfredo A.

Rifle Class

If you are in need of any of the services they provide Ricard is absolutely the best in the business he takes training as well as all the other services to a whole new level especially his Concealed weapons class he teaches so many differt aspects and physically takes his classes to a range as the final part of his class as a retired Law enforcement Officer with special training (ESU Unit ) I can definitely say Richard is the best in the business.

Salvatore B.

Concealed Class

This business is one of the best places to get your D and G license. They train their students well and the instructor is very knowledgeable on how to be a professional security officer. I took Mr. Richard Stein’s re-certification G course and was very pleased I have met him.

T. Cetin


One of the most professional security schools I’ve seen, Richard Stein is very knowledgeable and it was my honor to learn from him. If you want armed or unarmed security license then give them a call.

Robert M.

Armed Course

Thanks again Richard for another amazing class….as always learned a lot.

Paul W.

Armed Course

I cut it a tad too close for the Class “G” annual requalification deadline and nearly missed my window. They really saved me by making it work in such a short notice. The small and personal touch they offer is far better than any corporate cookie cutter training you’ll get elsewhere.

Collin Y.


Before getting into Security I was a little unsure and afraid of how volatile the situations could be. I was looking to pursue this as a backup plan and a secondary job. After taking this course my perspective has been change and I feel not only confident, but competent in my abilities to control a situation while protecting others but to protect myself. Richard was very thorough in teaching not the only professionalism towards the severity of the duty, but the humor and compassion you must have to connect, relate, and de-escalate. It’s a very nice family owned business and a One Stop Shop for all your Security Officer Courses and utilities. It was a very pleasant and informative time that I spent learning, and I look forward to coming back when I wish to Obtain a higher class license, or just some quality Security Officer essential gear. Definitely Recommend.

Jeff L.

Unarmed & Armed Security Course

After much research and a lot of asking around I finally took the Class D Unarmed Security Course and I must say that All Florida is a top notch company. Richard was very helpful and made sure that ANY questions that the class had did not go unanswered. I’ve heard horror stories about the 42Hr requirement being dreadful, but because his class was so highly interactive, informative and a lot of fun at the same time, it flew by! Looking forward to getting my Class G license this week!

Mazen H.

Unarmed & Armed Security Courses

My wife and I took the concealed weapon training class and enjoyed his common sense approach to teaching. Very informative and professional.

Bill O.

Concealed Class

Don’t look elsewhere, take Richard’s courses! Relaxed, understanding, stress free and full of happiness, Richard and wife Tina made me feel like family from my first few minutes of class. You truly have a new family member in the PSL area with them. Rich and Tina, thank you so much for your attention and caring given to everyone, young or old!! “I’LL BE BACK!”

John W.

Unarmed Course

The classes offered are very professional and well done. The instructor has more than enough experience to demonstrate and teach you what is needed for the job. Everything you need is readily available from gear, other classes, ammo, and firearms which makes things so much easier. Definitely worth it.

Brian K.

Unarmed & Armed Course

Beginner's Handgun Class

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Handguns, Shotguns, & Rifles