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  4. Adult & Pediatric First Aid/AED/CPR


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  • Group Rates Available
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First Aid, CPR & AED Certification Classes

Emergency preparedness is paramount to the effectiveness you will have when encountering an individual choking or having an asthma attack, falling to the ground with heat stroke, a heart attack, fainting, or a seizure, a diabetic emergency, getting burned, bit, electrocuted, or breaking a bone. Your loved one can be involved in a medical situations arising at home, in the car, at work, on vacation, it does not matter. IN THAT MOMENT ‘YOU ARE’ THE FIRST RESPONDER!

Healthcare providers, lifeguards, teachers, construction workers, manufacturers, hotel & restaurant staff, day care providers, dentists…. ALL these and more are required or recommended to have their first aid certification renewed every year or two. DCF and OSHA govern various business’ in order that their staff are compliant with these certifications and continued training, and yours may be one of them. Today, it is normal to enter establishments, fitness centers, shopping centers and see an AED sign and machine on the wall in case of an emergency.

With the expert instruction and training you will receive in our American Red Cross courses, you will be ready to handle such situations and prayerfully SAVE A LIFE! For added benefit, the American Red Cross provides you with “Ready References” for adults and pediatrics to hang in your cabinet at home and at your job. There are “Mobile Apps” for your Apple and Android devices for numerous First Aid emergencies with images, instructions, and FAQ’s. They even have an APP for Pet First Aid, which I totally have downloaded for my fur-babies!!

YOU can make a difference in saving a life when every second counts!!!
Certifications are not a once-in-a-lifetime decision, its vital to stay current with life saving techniques and re-familiarize yourself, every year or two, with these emergency preparedness courses.
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American Red Cross Authorized provider:

All Florida provides you with the choice to take our online course or classroom course. Both utilize the same Red Cross training curriculum and both are required to do the practical exercises on the adult (and pediatric) mannequins along with the training AED machines.

Your Red Cross Training Course includes:

Choose from, these very important educational and instructional courses;
Either CPR/AED only or the First Aid/AED/CPR course, which includes everything listed here and much more!

  • Breathing and cardiac emergencies – (CPR, AED, Choking)
  • Injuries – (Physical injuries, Broken bones, Burns, Cuts)
  • Sudden illnesses – (Heat/cold emergencies, Diabetic and Asthma emergencies, Fainting & Seizures, Allergic reactions, Bites & Stings, Poisoning)
  • Tourniquet applications – upon request

Classes and the practical exercise testing for online courses are held at our office in Port St. Lucie, FL off US1 North of Prima Vista Blvd

Authorized provider for The American Red Cross

Certified First Aid/AED/CPR Instructors

You will receive an email from our company with a Red Cross direct link for your selected course. The link will redirect you to the Red Cross where you will click the “Create Login” bar.

Once your login is created your course will automatically launch.

After you have successfully completed the online course, you will print the completion certificate to bring to your scheduled testing date or email to

Your certified instructor will review the practical exercises on the mannequins with you.

After you have passed the practical exercise portion, your course completion will be submitted to the Red Cross to immediately process and email you your certificates.

Your instructor will guide you through the Red Cross curriculum, training videos, practical instruction guides, and practical exercise applications on the adult and pediatric mannequins.

This course is blended with individuals obtaining their certifications for the first time and those that are doing their recertifications.

It takes 4+ hours to complete the Adult First Aid/AED/CPR course and 4.5+ hours if you include the Pediatric training. 2 hours for Adult CPR/AED and 2.5 with Pediatrics.

The American Red Cross will digitally provide you with a Certificate of Completion shortly after completing the class to your email as a full page certificate and also a wallet size card.

This certification meets OSHA standards and science guidelines.

The course manual, participant guides, and ready references will be emailed to you with a direct link, once you sign up for the course of your choice.

It takes 2+ hours to complete the ONLINE Adult CPR/AED course and 2.5+ hours if you include the Pediatric training.

Group rates are available.

On Location training if you are located on the Treasure Coast.

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Completing Class Practicals on a Mannequin is a Requirement for Certification

Call 772-595-5335 to get your Online Course Link emailed so you can get started TODAY!!