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Armed & Unarmed Officers

All Florida provides security for your business, event, or HOA, armed or  unarmed, single site or multiple locations. Savvy in high threat or low threat levels, one guard or multiple, we have your safety in mind! Our security officers are vetted and eager to earn your trust while they protect your property from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.



• Security Officer Training Center

Comprehensive Backgrounds 

• Investigative Services

• Concealed Permit Training

• Discounts on Firearms

• First Aid Training

• Notary Public

• Bail Bond Services

Gated properties

Providing gated communities and commercial properties guard services for entrances & exits, patrolling premises, and monitoring security cameras. Responding to alarms, threats, and investigate disturbances. Ensure the security of doors, gates, parking lots, and buildings.

Ports & Marina’s

Enforcing the rules and laws to protect property, vessels, merchandise, and equipment; by informing violators of policy and procedures. Maintain the security of the premises through security cameras and perpetual patrolling. 

Secure Transport

Armed escort for the pickup and/or delivery of money to & from banks, along with other goods, jewels, priceless articles, etc. for your events, concerts, businesses, or personal. 

Construction sites

Monitor & authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to maintain a safe and secure site. Protecting your valuable equipment, vehicles, trucks, and supplies from theft and burglary in the day, night, and holiday hours.


Monitor entrances and operate detecting devices screening individuals to prevent passage of prohibited articles on site and into restricted areas. Circulate among visitors, patrons, and employees to ensure public safety. 

Emergency Response

In the event of a natural or man-made emergency, we will provide businesses and communities 24/7 armed security officers with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and fire fighters, for your best safety in mind. 

“Serious about your Safety and Security!!”

In a world that is unpredictable around every corner; in every store, restaurant, or event you go to, sadly there are those lurking with dark intent. Our service are based around all the areas one would need to respond to an emergency whether in your personal life or career.

From our family to yours, we recognize the value of life, love, and family!! It is our intent to provide you with what matters most, in all our services, especially when seconds count:

♦   Knowledge of Current Laws, Rules and Liabilities

♦   Protection of Souls, Assets, and Property

♦   Managing Emergencies, Threats, and Evacuations

♦   Provide the skills to act with confidence

♦   Being prepared to face the authorities

♦   Accurate and Vital Background Information

All Florida Investigation & Security Guard Services
Stein Family & Owners of All Florida
security guard services & courses


What All Florida Offers

Providing you all the

Instructional and Practical

Training you require to be a

Top-Notch Security Officer!

“Richard is highly experienced in the security field and it shows. His teaching method is down to earth and easy to apply. His practical-tactical teaching approach makes his lessons very engaging and unintimidating. I highly recommend his classes to any future security officers!”

Brian P.


Gain greater proficiency with your handguns and long guns!

FEDERAL FIREARMS DEALER – FFL For Purchases and Transfers

  • Concealed Carry Permit Classes
  • Firearm Technique Training
  • Shotgun/Rifle Technique Training

“I have never handled a gun before I met Richard Stein. He taught me everything I needed to know about the gun and how to use it. He even taught me how to clean it after we were done. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Jamie K.

“I took the Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED online course. The experience was smooth and fast! I went in to register on a Friday, studied the online portion over the weekend, and tested in person on Monday! Rich and Tina are great, and their prices are affordable. The practical exam was fun and I learned a lot. I’ll be able to take these life saving techniques with me wherever I go! Thanks guys! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Joah May F.

  • CPR / AED Adult Course
  • CPR / AED Adult & Pediatric Course
  • First Aid / AED / CPR Adult Course
  • First Aid / AED / CPR Adult & Pediatric Course
  • Online courses available everyday
  • On-Location within Treasure Coast

The American Red Cross provides excellent lessons & videos with plenty of practical exercises for your online and class courses.

Learn how to save lives when every second counts!

A National Comprehensive

Background Search

is a quick and easy way

to validate what is

being presented

to you for only $35!

  • Comprehensive National Search
    • Civil & Criminal Search
    • Sex Predator / Offender
    • Domestic Violence / Abuse
    • Violence with Weapons
    • US Citizen or Legal Resident
  • Reliable, Complete, and Affordable
  • Non-Profit and Annual Contract Discounts
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant


Sadly, No home, No school, No place of worship, No town, and No place of employment is safe from predators, theft, violence, or active shooters!

The amount of individuals interviewing well but having fraudulent information and counterfeit degrees on their resumes is staggering!

Law: Sexual predators & offenders DO NOT have to disclose such information to employers, only to their residential community!


through your cell phone!


All Florida Bail Bonds, Inc.

Serving our community since 1998

24/7 Including all Major Holiday’s

Local, State, and NATIONWIDE Coverage

Any Jail ~ Any City ~ Any State


We are your Expert Bail Bond Agency!

  • Traffic / DUI Bonds
  • Misdemeanor Bonds
  • Felony Bonds
  • Warrant Clearance
  • Fugitive Recovery


All Florida’s Course Prices

Discounts available for Retired Law Enforcement and Military Veterans.

Unarmed D-Course


State Req. 42hr Course

  • Laws & Liabilities
  • Responsibilities & Protocols
  • Threats & Emergencies
  • Scenario Training

Armed G-Course


State Req. 28hr Course

  • Use of Force
  • Firearm Safety
  • Firearm Training
  • Legal Aspects of Use



Firearm Qualification

  • State Req. 4 hrs
  • Firearm Mechanics
  • Practical Exercises
  • Marksmanship

Concealed Class


Carry with Confidence

  • Current Laws
  • Firearm Safety
  • Handling & Storage
  • Range Training


Customer’s Feedback

Whether you are a student or a client, we consider it our utmost responsibility to always provide you the quality of care and professionalism you deserve. Our reputation and longevity with our clients, through their testimonies and referrals, speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping you provide protection for your person, your family, and your business - large or small, and we look forward to exceeding all your personal and professional needs too!!

“I highly recommend Richard Stein and All Florida Investigations and Security Services Inc.! Their security services are very professional and top notch. They arrive on time, are very respectful, engaging, and dressed professionally. Richard manages his crew very well and all the guards operate like a well-oiled machine. Every security situation arising has always been handled with the utmost of professionalism and tact. This will always be our go-to security company! Thank you, Richard, for all you do.”

Vera B.

Security Agency

 “I highly recommend the training for anyone needing certifications in the security field or even getting your concealed license. Richard is a very knowledgeable instructor and an amazing person to work with. Richard strives for his students to gain knowledge from these courses that he teaches so that you are ready when it matters the most. I am the Site Supervisor/Armed Security Guard at Christ Fellowship Main Campus in Gardens West Palm Beach, FL and needed a Handcuff certification for work. It was very informative and did a lot of hands-on training. I also received training and a certificate for pepper spray. Next month I will be getting a baton certification with Richard. What an amazing Instructor.”


Security Training Center

 “I participated in the concealed weapons permit class and found it very informative, educational, and lots of questions were asked and answered. It was a very comfortable environment and I recommend his teaching to anybody and everybody. support your local businesses and learn to protect yourself from a very experienced professional.”

Stephanie G.

Concealed Class

 “I recently took a concealed weapons license with Richard. Not only was the class very informative but very professionally presented. I had no experience with firearms, Richard took me to the range and very patiently corrected my stance and how I held the firearm. All the time with nothing but safety and how important it is explained to me with every move. By the end of the day, I even hit a bullseye and every shot hit the target. I highly recommend All Florida Investigations & Security Services Inc as a professional and highly experienced company with safety in mind.”

Paul L.

Concealed Class

“I highly recommend Richard Stein whose extensive career has made him an extremely valuable and knowledgeable instructor. Whether he is your instructor for a security guard course, concealed permit, or first aid certification, you are gleaning from all his professional training. What an asset… to have confidence to handle life’s unpredictabilities!!”

Tina S.

Security Agency

Just finished the Class D Security license class at All Florida Investigations & Security Services with Chief Richard Stein, CEO. Absolutely great class run in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. A great deal of information and training is covered in this 42 hour course. I highly recommend that anyone looking to obtain their Florida Security licenses ( D and G) to seek out Mr. Stein at All Florida Investigations & Security Services for training. Mr. Stein has been in the business over 20 years, is highly experienced, credible and credentialed. I say this being a retired Law Enforcement Officer of 31 years experience. Check the website out and find the wide range of training and services that he provides. You won’t be disappointed!

Richard W.

Unarmed Course

“Best Instructor in the state of Florida, hands down. Patient, honest, high integrity classes. Beyond my expectations. I absolutely cannot praise Richard and his training enough. He is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor, he will work with you one on one patiently and never makes his students feel nervous or unappreciated. Not only is his performance stellar but he can train both women and men and for those in the industry, training women in this knowledge are entirely different than instructing male students. Richard’s training doctrine is great, he involves the students in a friendly environment.”

Walter I.

Security Training Center

 “Richard, I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and expertise all your men exemplified at our Wingsfest event. You all always go above and beyond the normal call of duty for security. I appreciate everything you did at our event! Many thanks to you for ensuring everything was a success!”

Kathy M.

Security Agency

“I highly recommend All Florida Investigations & Security Services Inc. I took the Concealed Carry class. I was a little nervous at first but Richard and Tina made me feel very comfortable. The class was beyond informative and really prepares you! I loved it! Everyone attending was sooo friendly and encouraging so that’s a huge plus! Chief Richard is amazing!! He is patient and really cares about his students. I recommend Richard & Tina to everyone!!! Simply the best!”

Amber S.

Concealed Class

“I took the security D licensing class was great and interactive. The instructor Rich very knowledgeable on his information. His information is exactly what the state asked him to teach, meaning it was not based off of his own opinions. I recommend this class and all the others he offers. I’m also taking his security G licensing so great guy funny and knowledgeable 20+ years in the game so pretty much a Security Guru.”

Jeremy W.

Security Training Center

“My husband and I took the concealed weapons class from Richard s short time ago. I had preconceived ideas of a boring class but I was wrong. It was very informative. Richard was so organized, professional, well prepared and made what could have been boring material interesting. We had great fun in the class and learned a lot. I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in getting their concealed weapons permit. Richard also makes himself available for future practice of handling your weapons.”

Carol H.

Concealed Class
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And proud to be a ‘Special Advisory Council Member’ with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Licensing, for the Private Security Industry.



All Florida’s Latest News

All Florida Training Academy Now Has New Courses

All Florida Security Services offers a variety of different classes and training for Armed, Unarmed security with certification classes in First aid, Baton, Taser, Handcuffs & Pepper spray.

All Florida has Unarmed Security and First Aid/CPR/AED Classes

All Florida Security is your one stop shop for security and first aid classes, pepper spray and handcuff classes, concealed carry, and more! Visit our website calendar for the latest class …

Unarmed Security Course and First Aid/CPR/AED

All Florida Security is your one stop shop for security and first aid classes, pepper spray and handcuff classes, concealed carry, and more! Visit our website calendar for the latest class …