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  1. Armed Class-G Course
  2. Shotgun ‘G’ Course
  3. Rifle ‘G’ Course
  4. Annual ‘G’ Requal Class
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Firearm Instruction and Training

Congratulations on you wanting to take your career to the next level! Being an armed guard is a lot of responsibility and it is very important to have quality training! Knowing how to handle your firearm, in the rights of the law, and even more importantly how to protect the innocent unarmed civilians is a must in this licensed capacity.

It is our passion to educate individuals to effectively protect souls, property, and assets. Our armed course is all about firearm laws, safety, handling, operations, mechanical training, and marksmanship. This education will consist of classroom, tactical drills, and range training.

In order to obtain a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License, each applicant must successfully complete the 28-hour initial qualification course. This course provides students with the basic knowledge and proficiency skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun (revolver or semiautomatic pistol).

Along with extensive educational material on firearms safety and the mechanical operation of firearms, this course also includes material on various legal aspects of firearms ownership, possession, and use. At the conclusion of the classroom portion of the 28-hour course, an examination will be administered to test the student’s mastery of content. Finally, students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in shooting a handgun by passing the course of fire outlined in this training manual.

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The State Required 28 hour Armed Class-G Course consists of:

12 hours of Legal aspects of the use of firearms

8 hours of Operational firearms safety and Firearms mechanical training

8 hours of Firearms qualification

Course Expectations:

Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate the following skills and techniques:

  • Identify the legal authority allowing security officers and private investigators to carry a firearm
  • Identify the limitations of a security officer’s ability to carry a firearm and use deadly force
  • Identify crimes that may serve as a justification for the use of deadly force
  • Identify the types of liability that may result from the improper use of a firearm
  • Safe weapon handling
  • Identification of weapons parts and ammunition
  • Weapons cleaning and maintenance
  • Handgun drawing and holstering
  • Weapon loading and unloading
  • Basic shooting principles
  • Proficiency with a firearm by shooting a qualifying score with a handgun (revolver or semiautomatic pistol)
  • Proficiency for weapon handling
  • Proper intervention for weapon malfunctions
All Florida Security Services provides this Class-G course in accordance to the Florida Statute 493.6105(5).



A Class “G” licensee whose job duties require them to carry a shotgun and/or rifle must successfully complete this qualification course to carry such required long gun. The 28-hour initial firearms course is a pre-requisite to taking the shotgun and/or rifle course. Further, a licensee must continue to qualify annually with their primary handgun in order to use a shotgun and/or rifle during the course of regulated activities. Separate courses are required to certify with the State of Florida to carry a shotgun or rifle.

Course Expectations:

Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate the following skills and techniques:

  • Safe shotgun/rifle handling
  • Identification of shotgun/rifle parts and ammunition
  • Shotgun/rifle cleaning and maintenance
  • Shotgun/rifle loading and unloading
  • Basic shotgun/rifle shooting principles
  • Proficiency with a long gun by shooting a qualifying score while exhibiting proper handling
  • Proper intervention for shotgun/rifle malfunctions



  • Add-on to Armed Security Class-G Course for $149  (4 hr class immediately following)
  • Full Long-gun class 8 hrs for $249 per person. (Group of 4 minimum)


This course requires your own Shotgun and/or Rifle plus required ammunition. 

All Florida is an FFL Firearms Dealer for Purchases & Transfers.

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You must be over 21 and have an active Florida Class-D license to take these courses.

  • You DO NOT require your own firearm to complete this course
  • Rental semi-automatic firearms are available for $15
  • Course requires 144 rounds of ammunition
  • Highly recommend firearm training to pass the test
  • This course is typically scheduled the third week of every month
  • State required a 28-hour course scheduled Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Security Duty Belt and Pouch Kit
  • Rechargeable Flashlights and Stun Gun Flashlights
  • Pepper Spray 2oz. and Keychain Pepper Spray
  • Smith & Wesson Handcuffs, Chain & Hinged, Nickel & Blue
  • Whistles, CPR mask pouches, and more
  • Firearms; Handguns & Long guns
  • Various ammo gauges FMJ & Hollow Point
  • Safety earmuffs & eyeglasses
  • Handgun cleaning kits & pads
  • Pistol safes and cable locks
  • Personal Technique Training Packages
  • Beginner’s Handgun Classes
  • NRA Pistol Books, Home Safety Books, and Children’s gun safety workbooks & DVD!
  1. You must be 21 years of age or older
  2. Currently, have an active Florida Class-D Unarmed Security Guard License
  3. Have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
  4. No criminal history
  5. Are a US citizen and a permanent resident in the U.S.A. OR can provide a valid permanent Resident Alien Card.
  6. No history of mental illness.
  7. No drug or alcohol usage.
  8. You understand that a drug test and a background check will be completed (per employer).

Four former Law Enforcement Officers with 125 years of cumulative service.

  • Chief Richard Stein
  • John Briney
  • Rich Wilson
  • Mike Colten

Check out Our Team Member page for more information about each Instructor.


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