Top 7 Security Duty Gear for Security Officers 

Security officers carry a lot of gear that helps protect the property they are assigned to guard and themselves. Most common security duty gear consists of flashlights, handcuffs, pepper spray, handguns (for armed officers), and more.  If you are a security officer, having the right equipment is important to perform your work effectively.  Below is a list of the top 7 pieces of equipment that most security officers will need to have. 


  •  Security Officer Duty Belt 

Wearing a duty belt is the most practical way to carry all essential duty gear for an armed or unarmed security officer. Guards can organize their duty belts in a variety of ways. The most common duty belt setup consists of a gun holster and magazine holder (for armed guards), flashlight holster, baton holder, radio holster, and handcuff case. In addition to duty holsters, the duty belt also carries all the essential security gear needed; including pepper spray, communications equipment, taser, and more. A duty belt wraps around an officer’s waist and is fastened at the front with a buckle. They usually come with extra attachments that allow additional items to be attached to the belt. Security officers should purchase belts with holders that are the right size for everything they plan to carry on their belts so they can reload quickly when faced with dangerous situations. Leather or nylon duty belts along with inner trousers belts are recommended. 

  •  Flashlight

One of the most important pieces of equipment that a security officer should carry is a flashlight. A flashlight aids security officers in being aware and perceptive even during the darkest patrols. While it may not seem necessary to possess a flashlight during the day, it is still important to be equipped with one because certain scenarios may require some extra light to help them see and they never want to go into a dark location without one. The flashlight can also be used as a weapon of protection. Security officers typically carry heavy-duty metal flashlights; which, they can use as a striking device and some even second as an electric zapper. 


  • Pepper Spray

One of the most preferred tools for security officers to temporarily stop an attacker or unlawful individual is to use pepper spray. This weapon does not cause any permanent damage to an attacker. Pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent that is designed to affect the soft tissue of an attacker, causing the attacker’s eyes and face to feel like they’re on fire. Pepper spray is available for civilian purchase; but, many states require security officers to complete a training course before they can use it. This training will teach security officers teaches how to properly and safely deploy and use Pepper Spray. In addition to classroom instruction, officers are trained by using practical scenarios and experiencing the spray’s impact. There are many types and chemical compounds of pepper sprays that may be purchased in several shapes and sizes. 


  • Handcuffs

Every piece of protective equipment a security officer can use to perform his or her duties effectively and efficiently is essential. The handcuff is one of the most frequently used pieces of security gear and yet training is often lacking. Nearly 67% of injuries to an officer occurs once the first cuff is applied. Since they offer protection to both security officers and criminals by eliminating additional injuries, taking a training class is imperative and a smart decision. Having handcuffs on hand allows security officers to detain a suspect until the police arrive. Available in various models and brands, they often come in a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 


  • Security Guard Baton

Security officers’ baton is the perfect companion for security officers on duty to protect themselves. This weapon’s visual deterrent effect can keep a property safe without even being used. Batons are among the oldest items of law enforcement equipment and are often used to disperse and control non-compliant people. Just the fact of having one in your security belt that people can see will usually be enough to de-escalate a situation or make sure things stay calm. Most people are aware that this weapon can cause some damage when being pulled out. Batons can also be used for defense against an unarmed, yet violent subject as well as to break through windows and doors to assist trapped subjects. In most states, however, it is required to complete a training course specialized for handling a baton before you can legally carry one while on duty. 


  • TaserDevice 

The taser device is one of the most recent components of security equipment that is starting to be utilized more frequently by security officers. This weapon can neutralize a suspect while still being able to induce little to no harm at all.  By using neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) technology, Tasers are the first non-lethal weapons that can temporarily deter a focused attacker by making him or her unable to move, facilitating the arrest. Taser shoots out two darts attached to 15 feet of copper wire that can penetrate most clothing while inflicting 50,000 volts. This high voltage over-rides the central nervous system of a person providing massive takedown power. 


  • Handgun

One of the most important pieces of equipment for an armed security officer is certainly his or her firearm. There are two basic types of handguns that armed security officers carry: a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol. Just like a baton, a gun with its visual deterrent effect can be a great way to keep an area secure without ever having to use it. Just keeping it in your duty belt and holster can maintain a location in balance and under control. If an officer does need to draw their firearm and use it at any point, they are going to want to make sure they abide by the law. Additionally, carrying a handgun often leads to higher paychecks. 


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