Chief Richard Stein - All Florida Security
Chief Richard Stein

Chief Richard Stein

Chief Security Manager, CEO

[email protected]




  • Owner of All Florida Bail Bonds, Inc. since 1998
  • Owner of AFBB Inc. Investigations & Security Services since 2010
  • 25+ professional years working in the criminal justice industry
  • Advisory Council Board Member for FL Dept. of Agric., Div. of Lic.
  • Law enforcement trained and certified K-9 handler for 18 years
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice; minor in Psychology
  • Certified Master Bail Bondsman; PBUS
  • Past President of Broward County Bail Bonds Assoc. for 6+yrs
  • Certified Security Officer Instructor – Armed and Unarmed
  • Statewide Law Enforcement Firearm K Instructor
  • Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor with the NRA
  • Private Investigator since 1995
  • Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Certified First Aid/AED/CPR Instructor -American Red Cross
  • Florida Notary Public since 1992
  • ATF – FFL Dealer



  • Unarmed Security Class-D Course – DI1800193
  • Armed Security Class-G Course – K1800070
  • Security Agency Manager – M1800042
  • Annual ‘G’ Requal Classes
  • Shotgun / Rifle Add-on ‘G’ Courses
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Class
  • Concealed Permit Carry Class
  • Personal Firearms Instructor
  • Handcuffing Certification Class
  • OC/Pepper Spray Certification Class