Gun Safety Rules and Tips for Kids 

Gun Safety Rules and Tips for Kids 


Gun Safety Rules and Tips for Kids 

In cartoons and video games, guns are like toys, they do not cause real damage; the character comes back to life as if nothing happened. In reality, GUNS CAN BE DANGEROUS! They can hurt and even kill you or someone you know. Even if you are curious, do not treat guns as TOYS! Always treat guns as if they are real and loaded. If you want to keep yourself, family, and friends safe; here are some safety tips if you see a firearm.  

If you see a gun: 

  • Stop what you’re doing. 
  • Do not touch the gun, even if it looks like a toy. 
  • Run Away.
  • Tell a grown-up right away. 


If your friend has a gun: 

  • If your friend wants to show you a gun, say “NO!” 
  • Tell a parent or teacher if your friend tries to show you a gun. 
  • No matter what your friend says, don’t play with his or her gun.


If your parents own a gun: 

  • Ask your parent about the dangers of guns. 
  • If you see a gun at home, leave it alone and DO NOT TOUCH IT! 
  • If the safety box is unlocked, do not open it and go tell your parents. 


If someone is carrying a gun in a threatening manner: 

  • Leave the area quickly and quietly and call your parents, teacher, or an adult immediately.  
  • If you see a person pointing the gun at another person, run away and call 911, even if they are your family! 
  • If you hear gunshots, hide and call 911 immediately! 


Now that you know these safety tips about firearms, you can protect yourself, friends, or family from danger! In case you experience any of these situations, keep calm and follow these tips. If you have already experienced something similar, speak with an adult, they will help you! Thank you for reading these very important safety tips, and remember: Stop, don’t touch, run away and tell a grown-up! 


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