Firearm Safety Rules and Tips for Parents 

Firearm Safety Rules and Tips for Parents 


Firearm Safety Rules and Tips for Parents 

Many families in the United States keep a firearm in their homes. They can be a helpful tool in keeping your family or the public safe from those who wish to harm us; but, firearms can become dangerous in the wrong hands. Firearm injuries are among the top leading causes of death in children; including, school shootings, accidents, suicides, and more. If you want to keep your child safe, here are some firearm safety tips that can help. Be mindful, children are naturally curious, and no matter what you say, they may still try to touch a firearm. 


How to safely store firearms and ammunition: 

  • Make sure the firearm is unloaded  
  • Keep guns out of the reach and out of sight of children  
  • Keep the firearm locked up with a combination lock in a cabinet, safe, gun vault, or storage case.  
  • Make sure the ammunition is kept separate from the firearm  
  • Never show the children where the keys are located and hide them. 
  • Keep your firearm in your immediate possession and control at all times when it is not being stored.   


How to talk to your child and their caregivers about gun safety: 

  • Explain to your children how guns from TV and video games are different from real guns. Guns in real life are dangerous; they can hurt and kill people. 
  • Teach kids how to differentiate a toy gun from a real firearm. 
  • Teach your child to follow these safety rules if they see a firearm: 1. Stop what you are doing, 2. Do not touch the gun, 3. Run away, and 4. Tell an adult right away. 
  • Inform all adults in the house about the firearms and how to store and secure them safely. 


How to protect your child at family & friend’s homes: 

  • If your child goes to a friend’s house, ask the parents if they have a firearm in the house, and ask them if the firearm is safely locked. 
  • Ask your friends and family members to keep their firearms locked and unloaded while you are visiting them with your child.  
  • If your child’s friend shows him/her a gun, tell your child to not touch the gun, do not play with the gun, leave the room, and call you or another adult. 


How to protect a depressed child/teenager from firearms: 

  • If you notice signs of depression, talk to your child/teenager about what they are feeling, or encourage them to speak with a specialist or a responsible adult they trust who can help them (like a couch, counselor, or teacher). Depression can make someone more likely to think about or commit suicide.  
  • If your child has depression, thinks about suicide, or talks about hurting others, temporarily remove the firearm from your house. 
  • If you do not remove the firearm, make sure that it is hidden, locked, and unloaded. Remember, you may be charged criminally; even through those dreadful times. 
  • Seek professional help for your child 


Thank you for reading until the end. Now that you know these safety tips about firearms, you can protect your child from getting hurt or hurting another person with a firearm! Remember to keep your gun out of your child’s reach, unloaded, and locked. If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues! It will help us a lot! Do not forget to check our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE to get the latest news, events, services, and products from All Florida Security, Investigations, Firearms & Bail Bonds!