A Special Day & a Right to Protect

A Special Day & a Right to Protect

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, everyone is getting ready to watch the beautiful fireworks, go to a fun party, bar-b-que, spend time with the family, and decorate everything with the American flag. Everything about the 4th of July screams freedom! If we could choose a day that could represent Americans, this would be it! Isn’t it a shame that part of our freedom that makes us so proud has been threatened lately by the same people who call themselves American Citizens?     

First, let’s discuss the American constitution; the constitution protects our rights as American citizens, including our freedom of religion and speech, right of trials, right to keep and bear arms, and so on. The 2nd amendment says that American Citizens have the right to keep and bear arms to maintain a well-regulated militia. The problem begins with a large portion of the population owning firearms and another portion of the people wanting to eliminate firearms. The cause of people not liking firearms is easy to empathize with; massive shootings happening more and more often, school shootings taking away the lives of innocent children, and violent crimes seem to be on the rise annually. Valid reasons to not want any firearms near you or your loved ones; but, compared to the number of people that own one or more guns in the states, the ones that harm others are just a minority. On the other side, the group that defends firearms want to protect their civil right and freedom to own firearms to protect their families or themself from possible danger. 

In my case, while growing up in Cuba, I never had contact with firearms unless it was from video games or tv, and I never had to worry about shooting because they are completely banned in the country. Then one day, I found a bullet in my grandfather’s closet and I asked him about it. He told me the story of how in his youth, the government took all the firearms (that once were used to fight for Cuba’s freedom) away from people, including his in order to “protect the population”, but; in reality, it was a way to control the population from fighting back against a corrupt government. This plan worked perfectly with no means to defend themselves, people had no option but to surrender to the government. For over 50 years, Cuba has not been able to change that government of tyranny. Coming to the US made me realize what freedom was and how protecting our constitutional rights was the right thing. 

Now, that I have lived in America for over a decade, and currently working at a company that is a training academy and almost surrounded by firearms, it made me realize how important they are for this country, and how it is important to treat all firearms with respect and implement all the safety measures in order to make firearms the best tool to keep us safe from people that want to harm us.    

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