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Security Services in Jensen Beach

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Jensen Beach, Florida, a picturesque coastal community known for its stunning beaches and vibrant local culture, requires comprehensive security guard services to support its residents and thriving tourism industry. The town’s scenic residential areas, including gated communities and oceanfront properties, rely on vigilant security guards to protect homes and ensure the safety of residents.

Jensen Beach’s bustling commercial districts, filled with boutique shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, demand professional security personnel to prevent theft, manage access control, and provide a secure environment for both customers and business owners. The area’s popular recreational spots, such as parks and beaches, attract numerous visitors, necessitating efficient crowd management and safety measures from security services.

Additionally, Jensen Beach hosts various festivals, art shows, and community events, which require dedicated security to oversee event safety and smooth operations. Given the region’s susceptibility to hurricanes and other natural disasters, security guards also play a critical role in emergency preparedness and response. As Jensen Beach continues to grow and attract tourists, the need for robust security guard services becomes increasingly vital to maintaining its reputation as a safe and welcoming destination.

All Florida Security Services is family owned and locally operated currently celebrating our 26th year in business! Allow us to show you quality security services that has 24/7 oversight by supervisors, quality control officers and a dispatch center. We look forward to facilitating your security needs and being your Go-To security company on the Treasure Coast!

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Locally Owned and Operated

Richard & Tina Stein live and work in St. Lucie County. We care about the Treasure coast and making it a safe place for our family and yours.

Immediate Response Times

We understand the importance of immediate security coverage for your access points and property. Our Dispatch line is 24/7/365 for your security needs.

Excellent Customer Service

We live by the standard to go the extra mile to exceed our clients and future customers expectations.

24/7 Supervisor & Dispatch

Our Security team is on the pulse ready to deploy security personnel or resources to address  incidents or to patrol specific areas.

State Licensed & Insured

Dept of Agriculture Security Agency License B1200299. Company policies for General Liability, Workers Comp and Auto Insurance with ZERO loss runs in 26 years.

Real-Time Reporting

Our company wide system allows for GPS locating of every officer on site along with Real-time reports knowing what activities, tours and checkpoint are being conducted.

Client Portal

All our clients have access to visualize the officer schedule, real-time reports and GPS location of the officers security their sites.


All Florida provides all employees site specific Class-A or Class-B uniforms and security weather gear.

Marked Patrol Vehicles

Our fleet of patrol vehicles each has full security markings and a security light bar.