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Thank you for your interest in applying for a security position with All Florida Security Services. We have been in business for 21 years as a multi-agency and security training center. It has been our business to provide our clients with top-notch security officers who understand that their sole responsibility “is to maintain a safe and secure environment to deter criminal activity at all times!”

All Florida Security Services is looking for individuals who have a high disposition of protecting souls, property, and assets as an unarmed guard, armed guard, or a professional officer. We intend that you find a home and a family with us at All Florida and that you become invested in the client’s interest in securing their business and property. You will never be asked to do something we would not do ourselves as management. Additionally, we look to take details of which you will be respected and regarded as professionals in your field. Respect is very important to us and we are very appreciative of every officer who puts their lives in a position to protect us and our client’s best interests. As a result, our officers have enjoyed the benefits of All Florida’s pay scale; allowing them to provide for their families and create a lifestyle due to their honest and professional employment history with us. If you are looking for a long-term security career with a quality company, exceptional management, good pay, and high morals and integrity, you came to the right place! We say, welcome and please continue to complete our online employment application. It will be reviewed in a timely fashion and you will be notified by email or phone following its submission.

Please read the job description below and complete the online application. A resume will be required per applicant and can be attached to this online application or sent separately to 




A Security Officers Number One Responsibility at ALL Times:

  1. Maintain a safe and secure environment to deter criminal activity at all times!
  2. Patrol and protect property against theft, vandalism, and other illegal and destructive activity.
  3. Be the FIRST RESPONDER to report, and in some instances manage, emergencies, threats, and criminal activities.

All potential employees are given an Employee Handbook and Standards of Operating Procedures Handbook upon approval.


* Officers MUST remain alert, looking out for anything unusual. In an emergency, first, they are required to call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services. Second, call their security dispatcher for all suspicious activity.

* Enforce rules and laws to protect OUR CLIENT’S employees, customers, property, merchandise, money, vehicles, vessels, equipment, and other assets.

* Prevents losses and damage by meticulous patrolling and informing violators of policy and procedures

* Physically respond to all alarms, threats, emergencies, suspicious activity, sounds, and investigate disturbances.

* Patrol premises to prevent burglary, detect signs of intrusion, and ensure the security of doors, windows, gates, parking lots, buildings, etc.

* Circulate among visitors, patrons, and employees to ensure safety, protect property, and observe/report suspicious activity.

* Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain the security of premises.

* Write reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, the presence of unauthorized persons, unusual occurrences, surveillance activities; interviewing witnesses; obtaining signatures.

* Operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas.

* Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras.

* Maintain and organize recordings from security cameras, which are sometimes used as evidence in police investigations.

* May control traffic by directing drivers.



  • Must speak, write, and communicate the English language fluently
  • Communication skills to effectively communicate with others, especially in stressful situations
  • Interpersonal skills with security team and the client, employees and patrons of security details
  • Personable, friendly, considerate, and willing to serve the public
  • Knowledge of security operations and procedures
  • Observation skills in order to immediately notice anything out of the ordinary
  • Fast response time
  • Fearlessly enforce rules and laws
  • Multi-tasking capabilities
  • Good judgment in order to quickly identify the best course of action for dealing with dangerous situations as they arise
  • Be responsible to write and maintain daily logs
  • Able to utilize cellular device for monitoring, report writing, submittal of videos and images, communication with Dispatcher, etc.
  • Stay alert, focused, and resistant to distractions personal and otherwise for long periods of time
  • Minor lifting
  • MUST remain in constant communication with Dispatcher during detail



  • Reliability
  • Surveillance skills
  • Objective
  • Quality judgment
  • Non-Biased
  • Dependable
  • Responsible
  • Possess Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Control of attitude, emotions, and physical restraint of yourself
  • Patience
  • Vigilant


LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS:   Our Security Officer Training School can assist you further

Unarmed officers require a State of Florida Class-D active security license

Armed officers require a State of Florida Class-G active security license

Must have a certification for each item you carry on a detail: Handcuffs, Pepper Spray, Baton, and Electronic devices

Only firearms that have been ‘G’ qualified are allowed for use on armed details

First aid/CPR/AED Certification for adults and pediatrics required and we can can provide

Pay is based on safety and security experience, licenses, and certifications

We welcome security professionals, honorably discharged military veterans, and retired law enforcement!




Security officers responsibilities vary per detail and have varying lengths of service, so you must be flexible.

Security details may require the use of long periods of standing and walking, driving golf carts, bicycle details, vehicle patrol, or any combination.

Outdoor details may consist of long exposure to elements of heat, cold, and rain. Must have proper weather attire; ie. hat, gloves, rain gear, windbreaker, jacket, reflective vest, etc. The word SECURITY must appear in plain site and be easy to read when on duty.

Able to secure a site for 8 to 12 hour shifts

Able to follow varied patrol procedures per management and clients specifications

Must routinely arrive 15 minutes early before their shift and stay present and alert during every shift without fail.

Must confirm guard shift replacement on site BEFORE EVER LEAVING A DETAIL UNSECURED!

Should be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to communicate, respond, and restrain individuals who are uncooperative or have ill intent.

Security officers need to maintain personal restraint and self-control from belligerent, hostile, intoxicated, and unruly persons.

MUST restrain from personal cellphone use, internet surfing, and social media usage while securing a site. Your time and attention should be focused on what the client is paying you for.

Prospective security officers must operate in absolute integrity and honor, to be entrusted with souls, property, equipment, vessels, and other assets.



Tools all officers require for every detail are; their security officer license/badge displayed in plain site for entire detail, a security duty belt with a quality flashlight, pepper spray, notepad & pen, and a charged cell phone with the Internet that takes quality video and pictures (an Android or iPhone is REQUIRED for site & location monitoring). Armed guards require their own pistol with two (2) additional magazines on their duty belt and an optional taser (employer does not provide). Your Employee Handbook will discuss uniforms and security shirts in further detail. All officers are monitored by the dispatcher via their cell phones described above.



All officers are mandated a continuum of security training via online courses, in-office training, and on-location training, physical trainings and reviews, etc. for a multitude of details and environments to best provide security awareness, procedures, and protocols. Most training is provided for and paid for through All Florida.



All applicants are mandated to a full drug screen prior to employment. If the screen is clean, 50% of the cost will be reimbursed by All Florida in first paycheck. Random drug testing is required thereafter. See Employee handbook for details

All applicants must consent to a National Comprehensive Background Check at All Florida’s expense.

All applicants must consent to a social media review. You need not apply if your posts are found to be unpatriotic, destructive, drugs, obscene, disrespectful, X-rated, etc.

All applicants will have their references checked from previous employers to determine your reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness.


Thank you for your submission and we look forward to meeting you!!

Richard and Tina Stein, Owners

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