Differences between unarmed and armed security officers

If you are a business owner, you need assurance and extra protection for you and your business. Hiring a licensed and reputable security agency is essential in gaining that assurance. Security officers focus on protecting properties, products, and people from a wide variety of threats. They not only deliver a sense of confidence and peace of mind to your employees or customers; they will also give you the freedom to focus on running your business without worrying about unnecessary losses. Although both armed and unarmed security guards can perform protective services, you must consider the differences between armed and unarmed security officers before hiring one for your business. 


What are the differences between unarmed and armed security officers? 

In spite of the seemingly clear difference between armed and unarmed officers, there is more you should consider as a business owner.  

Unarmed Security Officers do not carry any firearms; however, they can carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, a taser, handcuffs, and/or a baton. Unarmed officers also provide a more discrete element of protection by blending in with the crowd at your event or business without creating tension for carrying a firearm or making people feel they are in a dangerous location. It will keep your customers and employees at ease while still providing protection without having a weapon involved, increasing their sense of safety. Unarmed security officers are usually more affordable than armed officers. 

Armed Security Officers are licensed to carry a firearm and have been professionally trained in safe weapon handling and marksmanship. Armed officers are allowed to use lethal force if the situation requires it, but only for self-defense purposes only. Armed security officers are highly recommended for businesses that offer valuable products or services, such as jewelry stores and banks.  Armed security is not always subtle, and criminals notice weapons instantly. Weapons are a major deterrent to criminals on their own. The sight of an officer’s firearm on his or her hip might convince a criminal that their plan to attack isn’t worth the risk to his life or well-being. However, having an armed officer in a location might not be comfortable for some customers or employees; but, in some situations, having armed guards nearby may offer peace of mind and protection against possible threats.  


Which type of security is right for your business? 

Now that you know the differences between armed and unarmed security, you need to consider making the right choice as to the type of business you own. In large businesses, such as jewelry stores or banks, armed security might be a wise investment; while a family-owned restaurant or store on a tight budget might be a better candidate for an unarmed guard. With these factors in mind, other choices to consider about hiring security should also be related to what are the business threats as well as your budget.  


What are your threats? 

The first thing you need to keep in mind when hiring security is your level of threat. If your business operates in a high-crime area, using an armed guard could be a better choice. If the location is low in crimes or you have police nearby, you might be able to get away hiring unarmed security. When your major threat is loitering or vandalism, unarmed officers can provide comprehensive protection. For businesses offering valuable items that could be targeted by thieves or criminals, armed security would be the better option. But, if your business does not offer high-value items or does not have valuable items on the premises, an unarmed security guard might be a better choice. 


What is your budget?    

For small business owners, armed officers can be more expensive than unarmed security officers. Due to their extensive training, licensing, and insurance requirements, armed officers are more expensive. The added expense is well worth it if your business requires armed guards. However, if your budget is more limited, unarmed guards can still provide you with the protection you need at a more affordable price. They still possess a high level of training and experience. Along with deterring potential threats, they are trained in de-escalation and other pertinent skills that give you the value you require for your business.   


Thank you for reading this blog. Now that you have learned the differences between armed and unarmed security, you can choose the type of security that is most appropriate for your business in order to protect clients, employees, and yourself from danger. But, always remember to hire a licensed and insured security company. If somebody wants to check if a company is valid, go to www.sunbiz.org to check the company status; also, you can check www.fdacs.gov to see if they are licensed with the State of Florida. If you are having any difficulties navigating, please do not hesitate to call us directly. We would rather you choose a valid company then put yourself in harm or liability; even if you do not choose us. If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues! It will help us a lot! Do not forget to check our FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE to get the latest news, events, services, and products from All Florida Security, Investigations, Firearms & Bail Bonds! And, as always, keep tabs on our website for future classes and events; www.SecurityInFlorida.com!! Be safe my friends!!!