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Pepper Spray Certification Class

October 28 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Pepper Spray OC class PSL All Florida Security



This certification class is specifically designed to train security officers in the very effective and non-lethal use of pepper spray (or gel).

Purpose of OC/Pepper Spray 

Our security agency requests from our clients that at minimal our unarmed officers possess on their person a can of OC spray for their protection. In these conversations our prospective clients will inevitably ask if the officers are trained to carry and use pepper spray in defensive situations. And, this is the DIRECT REASON why this class is available to all our students and is highly requested of all our employees.

Clients want to know that the officers being assigned to their detail will reduce liability NOT induce it. In consideration of todays very uncertain times and dark intentioned individuals; having a fast, effective, court-defensible, and non-lethal solution can make the difference protecting lives and property, especially the life of our officers!

OC/Pepper Spray Certification Class

You will learn that pepper spray/gel is easy to use, easy to carry, it can be used with people and animals, and is legal to have with you nearly everywhere you go. It can halt an individual or an entire group of people no matter if deployed inside or outside. This being said, you want to successfully deploy pepper spray at your attackers and NOT yourself!

In this certification class you will gain detailed information on the situational use of Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol (spray and gel) and identify the best way to holster a canister on your belt for fast and safe deployment. We will extensively cover stages of conflict with verbal warning and de-escalation techniques followed by the use of force matrix and legal ramifications of use; which will benefit both armed and unarmed guards.

We HIGHLY recommend every security officer to carry a canister of pepper spray (or gel) as an immediate line of defense to protect themselves. It is fast, effective, and does no long-term harm to its recipients!

It will also be very important to know that there are limitations to the size of canisters one may possess without a concealed permit.

This Practical and Tactical Pepper Spray Class Includes:

  • How to protect yourself from a safe distance
  • Develop and adopt situational awareness
  • Disengagement
  • Drawing techniques of canister from your belt or person
  • Spraying techniques for more accurate aim
  • Proper defensive positions
  • Multiple opponent defense
  • Defense against moving attacks
  • Ground defense
  • Defense against threatening animals
  • Recognizing and treating the symptoms associated with being sprayed
  • After use guidelines and reporting

OC/Pepper Spray, the fast, effective, court-defensible, and non-lethal solution for your protection and safety!

Upon Completion of the Class:

  1. Students should be able to demonstrate defensive spraying techniques
  2. Students should be able to discern threat and safety. 
  3. An OC/Pepper Spray Certificate will be granted at the end of the class to those who: pass the written exam, display cognitive understanding of pepper spray safety and risk, and can perform the physical tasks displayed during the pepper spray practicals.
  4. All students requesting certification will be personally sprayed with the OC spray as part of the training for this class. 
  5. OC/Pepper Spray certifications do not expire, however, continued training in defensive spraying techniques from various positions is vital to maintain confidence.
  6. Discounts of store items to include OC/Pepper spray canisters, PS belt holsters, and much more.

All Florida Security Services, it’s affiliates, instructors, nor staff, does not guarantee the suitability of an individual to properly implement these practicals or deduce the threat, risk, or safety of a circumstance determining the use and procedure of pepper spraying a subject or subjects. It is the requirement of the student to maintain their education and the practical use of their tools to apply the above in a correct and safe fashion. 


  • This course is typically scheduled once a month (see calendar for dates and times)
  • Must have an active Class-D security license to participate
  • Class approx. 2 hrs.
  • Handcuff Certification Class $99
  • Pepper Spray Certification Class $79
  • Baton Certification Class $125
  • Electronic Device Class $125
  • Weapon’s Retention & Defense Class $150

Great Combo Certification Class Discounts Available



American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED certification
Handcuffing Certification class
Baton Certification class
Electronic Device Certification class
Weapon’s Retention & Defense Certification Class

Armed Security Class-G License


  • Security Duty Belts and Security accessories
  • OC/Pepper Spray canisters and PS Belt holsters
  • Handcuffs; Chain & Hinged, Nickel & Blue
  • Rechargeable Flashlights and Stun Guns Flashlights
  • Tasers and Expandable Batons
  • New & Used Firearms in Stock
  • Ammo and Firearm Accessories
  • Safety Vests, Soft Armor Vests, and so much more





October 28
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Class Category:


All Florida Security Training Center
6971 Hancock Drive
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 United States
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Seating is limited; thus, a reservation deposit of $99 is required and non-refundable. Refunds are only available if cancellation is requested 7 business days prior to scheduled class date; however, a $50 administration fee would apply. You may only reschedule once and must take the rescheduled class within 30 days of the original scheduled class. Registration is transferable to another student; however, all the same rules apply. Students will forfeit all their monies who are late-shows, no-shows or do not meet the minimum criteria described herein. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.